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Eric D. Hsi, Hongli Li, Andrew B. Nixon, Heiko Schöder, Nancy L. Bartlett, Michael LeBlanc, Sonali Smith, Brad S. Kahl, John P. Leonard, Andrew M. Evens, David W. Scott, Lisa M. Rimsza, Jonathan W. Friedberg
Apr 18, 2019
Kathryn Lurain, Mark N. Polizzotto, Karen Aleman, Manisha Bhutani, Kathleen M. Wyvill, Priscila H. Gonçalves, Ramya Ramaswami, Vickie Ann Marshall, Wendell Miley, Seth M. Steinberg, Richard F. Little, Wyndham Wilson, Armando C. Filie, Stefania Pittaluga, Elaine S. Jaffe, Denise Whitby, Robert Yarchoan, Thomas S. Uldrick
Apr 18, 2019
Lu Zhang, Ai-lin Zhao, Ming-hui Duan, Zhi-yuan Li, Xin-xin Cao, Jun Feng, Dao-bin Zhou, Ding-rong Zhong, David C. Fajgenbaum, Jian Li
Apr 18, 2019
Thomas Winkler, Xing Fan, James Cooper, Ronan Desmond, David J Young, Danielle M. Townsley, Phillip Scheinberg, Sophia Grasmeder, Andre Larochelle, Marie Desierto, Janet Valdez, Jennifer Lotter, Colin Wu, Ruba N Shalhoub, Katherine R Calvo, Neal S Young, Cynthia E Dunbar
Apr 16, 2019
Olive S. Eckstein, Johannes Visser, Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, Carl E. Allen, , Daniel J. Zinn, Erin C. Peckham-Gregory, Howard Lin, Michael M. Henry, Bruce Morland, Carolyn Fein Levy, Ashish Kumar, Deborah Schiff, Nicole Karras, Roland L. Chu, Oussama Abla, Nobuko Hijiya, Sun Young Kim, Patrick K. Campbell, Wendy Woods-Swafford, Lorimar P. Ramirez, Cristina Fernandes, Matthew J. Murray, Harshal Abhyankar, Rikhia Chakraborty, Brooks Scull, Andrew C. Sher, Michelle L. Hermiston, Michael D. Hogarty, Michael B. Jordan, Miriam Merad, Barrett J. Rollins, Kenneth L. Yoshimi, Tsz-Kwong Man
Apr 11, 2019

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Four-nucleate plasma cell in multiple myeloma (bone marrow smear; Pappenheim staining).


Flame cells are plasma cells with a distinctive reddish hue which accumulates around the peripheral areas of the cell. The color is due to accumulation of immunoglobulin.


Lung biopsy demonstrates an interalveolar infiltrate of plasma cells (arrows) in a patient with a previous diagnosis of multiple myeloma.


A 54-year-old male presented with right shoulder pain of several weeks duration. Skeletal survey did not reveal any lytic lesions. Bone marrow biopsy did not show a plasmacytosis.


Flame Cells: These are plasma cells with vermillion-staining glycogen-rich overstuffed fibrils. Although these cytoplasmic features are suggestive of neoplastic plasma cells, they can also be found in reactive cells as well. They are also thought to be heavily associated with IgA myelomas, however they can also be associated with IgG, and IgM myeloma.


Heavily granulated myeloma cells. Some cells contain Auer rod-like granules.


Arrows mark plasma cells with Dutcher bodies.


Snapper-Schneid granules are ovoid shaped basophilic inclusions which represent precipitated immunoglobulin. They can be seen in myeloma cells.


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Habibe Kurt, Karen A. Ferreira
Apr 04, 2019
Evangelos Terpos, Ioannis Ntanasis-Stathopoulos, Meletios A. Dimopoulos
Apr 04, 2019

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